Schell Games is a full-service game design and development company, which specializes in creating transformational games and innovative, interactive experiences. Led by world-class game designer and esteemed author Jesse Schell, the company crafts transformational games, or games that change people for the better. In 2015, the company was named Culture Leader of the Year by Tech 50. They have most recently been at the forefront of VR gaming with the Vision Inspire Award winning puzzle game I Expect You To Die and the Best Pick App Water Bears. Schell Games has completed numerous projects for Fortune 100 companies, such as The Walt Disney Company and Microsoft Corporation. They’ve worked with some of the world’s most respected brands as clients, including SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, Amplify, Yale University, Lionel LLC and The Fred Rogers Company. They also worked with many small to mid-sized companies across many industries: toys/games, entertainment, health care, technology, and education.


Filament Games is a production studio that exclusively creates learning games. The company’s games combine best practices in commercial game development with key concepts from the learning sciences. Filament Games has partnered with companies such as Caterpillar, McGraw Hill Education, the Smithsonian Institution for Science and Education, and EkStep to deliver world-class game-based learning tools and simulations, and also developed their own award-winning suite of science games that has been implemented in districts across the country.

E-Line Media

Classroom Inc

Classroom, Inc. is an innovative ed-tech nonprofit transforming the lives of students by growing their literacy and life skills through technology. We create digital learning games in which students take charge in a real-world workplace and must overcome challenges through reading, writing, and problem-solving. Our curriculum and digital support tools ensure that both educators and students have a fun and empowering learning experience.


At, Triseum™ our mission is to inspire students to succeed through game-based learning. We pursue this mission by combining commercial game development experience with deep educational expertise to create revolutionary ways for students to learn. Triseum™ grew out of the LIVE Lab at Texas A&M University which is why education will always remain at the heart of this gaming company. Since then, we’ve partnered with industry leading experts in gaming and instructional design dedicated to building the highest quality educational video games.


Learn Fresh

Learn Fresh is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that provides a fresh take on academic exploration through student centered design, sparking students’ curiosity in the educational value of the ordinary and extraordinary in their lives. We utilize culturally relevant topics to develop fundamental academic skills and show students that learning can be derived from the things that matter most to them. Through relationships with iconic individuals and brands that students revere, we bring these experiences to life in and out of the classroom. NBA Math Hoops is our new mobile game built upon a proprietary math engine that dynamically changes based upon a player's math skill.