experience new realities at the immersive arcade!

Demo the best XR experiences created for social impact at the Immersive Arcade! With more than twenty experiences spread out over two floors, this will be our largest XR exhibition yet. Our Immersive Arcade will exemplify how XR technologies are creating new forms of social impact and engagement in various industries, including education, health, civics, and entertainment.

2019 Immersive Arcade participants will include Nancy Baker-Cahill's Margin of Error/Revolutions, Ilya Szilak's Queerskins: A Love Story, Jessica Brillhart's Traverse, and Wiebe van den Ende's INCITEMENT. Stay tuned for more Immersive Arcade announcements!

A Classroom Through Time

The first in a series of interactive VR stories exploring civil rights issues as seen through the lens of classroom communities throughout American history.
Developer: ADL/Artie
Platform: Oculus Rift

Children Do Not Play War

Children Do Not Play War is a cinematic Virtual Reality tale of the war in Uganda told through the eyes of a young girl.
Developer: VILD Studio
Platform: Oculus Go

Gloomy Eyes

Gloomy is not completely like other zombies. He has access to things we don’t see or understand. Nature knows he’s special.
Developer: Atlas V, 3DAR, Arte, RYOT, HTC VIVE
Platform: HTC VIVE


A ground-breaking title that takes advantage of the unique features of Magic Leap, allowing you to turn any room into a magical and meditative space.
Developer: Funomena
Platform: Magic Leap One

Mind at War

Explore a series of hand-drawn VR illustrations that depict the memories of a young war veteran's time at war and subsequent battle with PTSD.
Developer: Sutu/RYOT
Platform: Oculus Rift


RE-ANIMATED brings back to life the Kaui‘O’o bird, which went extinct in 1987. The work re-imagines our relationship to natural history.
Developer: Jakob Kudsk Steensen
Platform: Oculus Rift


Traverse is a platform designed to place sounds in a space and allow listeners to move within those sounds, making listening a physical experience.
Developer: Vrai Pictures
Platform: Bose AR


Avenues is an interactive virtual reality learning experience around a typical scenario social workers face when performing in-person follow-up interviews.
Developer: Accenture Interactive
Platform: Oculus Go


Step into a delightfully weird new world of colorful characters, art and physics with Create from Magic Leap Studios.
Developer: Magic Leap Studios
Platform: Magic Leap One


A sneak peek into the lives of the lovable Sara and Luis. Discover the inner thoughts that hide behind what is spoken.
Developer: P'tites Madeleines Productions
Platform: Oculus Go

Margin of Error/Revolutions

Margin of Error and Revolutions are VR drawings, translated into site-specific AR drawings for the Desert X Biennial.
Developer: Nancy Baker Cahill
Platform: HTC VIVE

NeuroExplorer VR

Experience the evolution of the human mind, from brainstem to neocortex, and stimulate brain function with a virtual brain-machine interface, the Neuron Wand.
Developer: Fifer Garbesi
Platform: Oculus Rift


Reducing Anxiety & Pain. Tested Clinically. Designed For Teens. At Take-Pause, we’ve built a drug-free system for pediatric patients, to soothe & distract through VR.
Developer: Take-Pause
Platform: Oculus Go


A 6DOF VR documentary that takes the viewer on a journey into the mind of Lisa as she remembers her lost love.
Developer: NSC Creative, Atlas V, Kaleidoscope, RYOT
Platform: Oculus Rift


For the Amazonian Yawanawa, medicine has the power to transport us in a vision to a world that lies within the world we know.
Developer: Technicolor Experience Center
Platform: HTC VIVE

Girl Icon

Meet Rani, a Girl Icon, who's part of a growing movement of fearless girls leading change in their communities.
Developer: Espii Studios
Platform: Oculus Go

Last Whispers

An "immersive oratorio" featuring recordings of extinct and endangered languages from around the globe, both sung and spoken.
Developer: Emblematic Group
Platform: Oculus Rift


Edith is a 14-year-old living in the village of Centre Lobo. Edith travels by foot through the jungle to have a life-transforming surgery.
Developer: Artie
Platform: Oculus Go

Queerskins: a love story

Experience the evolution of the human mind, from brainstem to neocortex, and stimulate brain function with a virtual brain-machine interface, the Neuron Wand.
Developer: Cloudred
Platform: Oculus Rift

Traveling While Black

Traveling While Black is a cinematic VR experience that immerses the viewer in the history of restriction of movement for black Americans.
Developer: Felix & Paul Studios
Platform: Oculus Go

Welcome to the Family

A young boy with a childhood crush learns about the importance of family in this humorous VR narrative.
Developer: Silvrscreen Productions
Platform: Oculus Go