experience new realities at the immersive arcade!

Demo the best XR experiences created for social impact at the Immersive Arcade! With more than twenty experiences spread out over two floors, this will be our largest XR exhibition yet. Our Immersive Arcade will exemplify how XR technologies are creating new forms of social impact and engagement in various industries, including education, health, civics, and entertainment.

2019 Immersive Arcade participants will include Nancy Baker-Cahill's Margin of Error/Revolutions, Ilya Szilak's Queerskins: A Love Story, Jessica Brillhart's Traverse, and Wiebe van den Ende's INCITEMENT. Stay tuned for more Immersive Arcade announcements!

Virtual Reality

Whether you want to witness the birth of a solar system or grow into a mighty tree, VR can take you beyond the limits of human imagination.

Augmented Reality

Enhance the world around you with useful data, amplified sound, and striking visuals that guide us into the next phase of computing.

360 Video

Be it fiction or documentary, witness powerful stories from around the world and around the corner, told like never before.