experience new realities at the immersive arcade!

The annual XR Immersive Arcade exemplifies how XR technologies are creating new forms of social impact and engagement in various industries, including education, health, civics, and entertainment. This year we are virtually featuring 23 incredible projects in the XR for Change community. Learn more about these amazing experiences below!

Stay tuned for additional information about upcoming XR for Change projects and partnerships that will be taking place during the Festival!

A Promise Kept

Created by renowned human rights center, Illinois Holocaust Museum, A Promise Kept, utilizes cutting edge VR technology that allows audiences to journey back with survivor, Fritzie Fritzshall, to the grounds of her grandparent’s home, to the arrival ramp, crematorium, barracks, and latrines of Auschwitz.
Developer: Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center


An immersive experience that uses documentary, 360 video, virtual reality, investigative journalism, workshops and participation to raise society’s awareness of human mobility and the Venezuelan exodus.
Developer: Imán Transmedia


From the frontlines of resistance, a constellation of Black voices challenges systemic American racism in a new four-volume series entitled IN PROTEST: Grassroots Stories from the Front Lines, made in collaboration by grx immersive labs and Oculus VR for Good.
Developer: GRX Immersive Labs & Oculus VR for Good

POV: Points of View

Los Angeles 2025. As an Insighter, you have been requested to review Case File 456.23 at the Federal Drone Headquarters. The case centers around 21-year-old Cassius Moore, a gifted Black coder, who qualifies for early release under a new drone-surveillance program after serving two years in prison for biometric hacking. In this program, the government assigns F.E.N.I.X. AI--a drone that is equipped with artificial intelligence and weapons to record Cassius’ every move. Follow F.E.N.I.X. and the former engineering student as they navigate the world together. Your task is to evaluate how machine driven data and human driven biases impact the algorithms and outcomes in law enforcement.
Developer: GRX Immersive

Queerskins ARK

This cinematic VR experience utilizes increasing degrees of participant agency and freedom of movement to structure the story of a mother coming to terms with the loss of her estranged son who has died of AIDS. Reading his diary, she finds a way to transcend her grief and herself by imaging him alive and in love. In the climactic scene, her son and his lover perform an intimate dance, filmed with 3D volumetric video on the largest volumetric capture stage in the world.
Developer: Cloudred

Secret Garden

Step into a garden, encounter Black women's oral histories spanning generations. Wander this spatialized floral estate to encounter African-American women with stories to tell, among them: surviving a slave boat and growing up on a 1920s Black-owned farm, surviving 9/11; reminding us that sharing and receiving stories is an act of resistance.
Developer: Stephanie Dinkins


Polarization seems to be a rising trend within the world in which we live. We are in the age of walls, cracks and referendums, where we are forced to choose a position in favor or against the issues that challenge our society. The Gap is an immersive documentary series (VR / 360) that reflects different positions with testimonies that confront each other thanks to the resource "broken sphere" (180 degrees on each side), to question ourselves on our own point of view.
Developer: Virtual 360


"Upstander" is a 360 animated experience about bullying, and how we can make a difference if we step in. It was created in partnership with the Oculus VR for Good Program and youth charity The Diana Award. Revolved around a child’s school day Upstander touches on the trauma caused by social, verbal, physical, and cyberbullying. How can we be part of the solution and not be part of the problem?
Developer: Aha and WOW

All Her Bodies

All Her Bodies merges poetic storytelling and volumetric filmmaking inside of an immersive world. Individual stories of violence, memory and interiority are recounted by five women in intimate encounters where themes of writing, drawing and erasure are underscored.
Developer: Elizabeth Leister

Ferenj: A Graphic Memoir in VR

LA based Cleveland native Ainslee Alem Robson is an award-winning Ethiopian-American director, writer and media artist. Her directorial debut, Ferenj: A Graphic Memoir in VR, based on her personal experience deconstructs tensions embedded within intersectional layers of biracial identity, migration, perception, and nostalgia.
Developer: Ainslee Alem Robson


Kinfolk is an augmented reality app that highlights historically excluded black and brown figures, events, and moments in time. The app is designed for middle and high school English & history classes. Students can use kinfolk to bring AR monuments into their homes and see primary source information though the web archive at kinfolk history.com
Developer: Movers & Shakers

Prison X

The eccentric deity The Jaguaress greets you at the velvet curtain gateway between theater and lived experience. She casts you as Inti, a young man who dreamed of being a drug lord but ended up in prison after his first job as a mule for la blanca. Prison X is an immersive Andean mythological play that sweeps you into a labyrinthine Bolivian prison, where you coexist with devils, saints, corrupt prison guards, and even a Western filmmaker.
Developer: united notions.film & koa.xyz


“Reeducated” takes viewers inside a “reeducation” camp in Xinjiang, China, guided by the recollections of three men who were caught in what is likely the largest mass-internment drive of ethnic and religious minorities since the Second World War. Using hours of firsthand testimony, hand-drawn animation and ambisonic sound, the V.R. film reconstructs the experience of detention and political reeducation in an immersive three-dimensional space.
Developer: The New Yorker

The Book of Distance

In 1935, Yonezo Okita left his home in Hiroshima, Japan, and began a new life in Canada. Then war and state-sanctioned racism changed everything—he became the enemy. Three generations later, his grandson, artist Randall Okita, leads us on an interactive virtual pilgrimage through an emotional geography of immigration and family to recover what was lost.
Developer: Randall Okita, National Film Board of Canada

To Miss the Ending

Imagine a world where there is no air left to breathe, no rivers to race a paper boat on and no parks to roam in. Environmental damage, job-automation, the breakdown of personal connections have formed a future where the best choice of survival is to upload your own memories into a server and reconnect with loved ones in the vastness of the net. Set in a breathtaking visual landscape, this dystopian future unravels slowly around you, leaving you challenged to re-think your own beliefs and actions.
Developer: idontloveyouanymore

We Live Here

We Live Here introduces you to the life of Rockey, a woman living in a park in Southern California. Once inside Rockey's tent you will be encouraged to interact with items that reveal stories from Rockey's life. Through, narration, animation, poetry and interview you will come to know Rockey. You will come to know that you are not so different than Rockey, that you too can find yourself, vulnerable, invisible - homeless.
Developer: Alfrobel Inc.

Baba Yaga

Baba Yaga blends theater and film into a unique experience that explores themes of female empowerment and environmentalism. Sometimes a force for evil, sometimes a force for good, the enigmatic witch Baba Yaga uses her powers to stop the villagers whose settlement encroaches upon her enchanted Forest.
Developer: Baobab Studios


Of every 100,000 youth in South Africa, 37% have dropped out of school before matriculation. The documentary explores how these statistics can be changed by exposing youth to the opportunities of creative industries, not known by most at-risk youth. Through Ethan's lens we want to take the user on a journey to experience the relationship between the child and mentor grow as they explore art and creativity together in Cape Town.
Developer: BlackRhino VR

Once Upon a Sea

Once Upon a Sea is a poetic, interactive XR documentary telling the tragic tale of the legendary Dead Sea. Through a physical exploration of the sea’s forbidden, moonlike landscapes, to intimate encounters with local characters, the user gets a rare glimpse into one of the world’s most dangerous, soon to be extinct, wonders.
Developer: Blimey


The Quadcade is a collaborative project between the MICA Game Lab, the Maryland Blended Reality Center and the University of Maryland Medical Center’s Shock Trauma unit. The project goal is to research and explore how VR games can be used in the rehabilitation of severe spinal cord injuries.
Developer: The MICA Game Lab

Samsara Ep 1

In the near future, Earth's environment is completely destroyed by human race. After hundred years of space travel, we have re-engineered our DNA and artificially evolved into a new form. We found a new planet to settle down. Many years go by, we suddenly realize that we didn’t reach a new planet but returned to Earth in another time as a different life form, and our ancestors now are predators to us. Then, we realize that our past, present, and future are all fused together.
Developer: Virtual and Physical Media Integration Association of Taiwan

The Curious Life of Bill Mont

While preparing for a winter formal at Northwood, a senior living center in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Bill Mont, an 89-year-old self-made entrepreneur, reminisces about his life, including his most recent venture – sending people’s ashes to the moon. As he ruminates on love and loss, as well as his entrepreneurial projects and acquisitions, in a 9 minute 360 virtual cinema film, we experience what it’s like to have fun while aging!
Developer: Tertulia Pictures / Rabbit Raccoon

Under the Skin

Under the Skin is an interactive VR experience that takes Users inside Complexo do Alemão, one of Brazil´s most notorious favelas, during a surprise police operation. Caught between the crossfire of drug cartels and police, the User takes cover inside a shack with three local residents: a single mother, a ballet teacher, and a human rights activist. As tensions grow, the user dives into the stories of these characters, understanding - under their own skin - the struggles and the virtues of living inside a favela.
Developer: Coqueirão Pictures

World in a Cell VR

World in a Cell, a project of USC’s Bridge Institute and World Building Media Lab since 2017, is a collaborative research endeavor melding elements of art, design and film with science and technology into an immersive audiovisual experience. Using virtual reality and other platforms, World in a Cell invites users to explore and interact with an individual cell.
Developer: Worldbuilding Media Lab