experience new realities at the immersive arcade!

Our Immersive Arcade exemplifies how XR technologies are creating new forms of social impact and engagement in various industries, including education, health, civics, and entertainment.
This year, we are doing things a little differently as we move to a virtual format for the festival.

Be sure to demo seven different 360 films that can be viewed on Oculus TV between July 10-19th! You can also check out virtual booths for all of our Immersive Arcade experiences in the EXPO area on HopIn.

Silence in Paradise*

Experience the 360 Aftermath of the Deadliest Fire in Modern U.S. History
Developer: Kunze Productions
*Available on Oculus TV


Step into Geramy’s world, a scrappy, budding inventor, who is trying to find a better way to commute to school. Based in the Philippines, this story highlights the students that swim or walk far distances to get to school.
Developer: Yellow Boat of Hope & Oculus VR for Good

*Available on Oculus TV

Daughters of Chibok*

On April 14th 2014, the sleepy agrarian community of Chibok, in Borno State, North East Nigeria, was thrust into the global spotlight when the terrorist group Boko Haram, stormed the town at night and abducted 276 teenage schoolgirls from their dormitories. Daughters of Chibok deals with the aftermath of the kidnappings, and explores global issues of gender rights and the right to education.
Developer: VR360 Stories

*Available on Oculus TV

Bizarre Barber

Grab your VR controllers, and get ready to snip away! Bizarre Barber is a surreal, fun and fast-moving haircutting game set on a subway platform.
Developer: Synesthetic Echo

Invite Only VR: a Vaping Prevention Game

Invite Only VR, the player must navigate different types of peer pressure, including the pressure to vape in various social settings and situations. As the game progresses, the player develops powers to help him successfully navigate these situations effectively and refuse his peers.
Developer: play4REAL XR Lab, Yale

Conscious Inclusion: Race Bias

Experience the world from the perspective of Max, a young black account manager, who encounters micro-aggressions throughout his interactions with his co-worker and new client. Learn to identify the bias and how to deal with it from multiple perspectives.
Developer: Perspectives

Still Here*

Still Here is an immersive multimedia project exploring incarceration and gentrification in New York City through the lens of a fictional character named Jasmine Smith who returns to Harlem after 15 years in prison.
Developer: AJ Contrast

*Available on Oculus TV

The Holy City*

The Holy City is a one-of-a-kind virtual reality experience. Both a captivating game and an illuminating exploration of the Holy city of Jerusalem, this game allows you to explore the holiest and most exclusive locations in the city.
Developer: Holy City VR

*Available on Oculus TV

Run To My Heart

Run To My Heart is an AR experience that makes running in the real world a more enjoyable experience and by rewarding players for doing something that people often find painful.
Developer: Talofa Games


Rewire.Education is a VR project for building gaming simulations for autistic players. It provides a distraction-free environment that helps children learn new skills and concepts, such as establishing eye contact, distinguishing spatial categories and more.
Developer: Luden.io


Diktatura is an upcoming VR docu-game that explores life inside a totalitarian regime, based on true accounts from four individuals who experienced the Albanian dictatorship.
Developer: Sindi Breshani

Brush Up on XR

Ninety second full-on room scale mini game will leave you sweaty and breathless, with a score and new insight into dental care.
Developer: GamesThatWork

Haenyeo VR*

Experience the incredible world of the Jeju Haenyeo (Sea women) in VR. Take in the elements from the Haenyeo perspective, and dive with them as they harvest the sea.
Developer: Stitchbridge

*Available on Oculus TV

Pearls of New York*

In the 1600s, there were 220,000 acres of oyster reefs in a thriving NY Harbor; but by the 1900s, it was mostly lifeless due to pollution, dredging and over-harvesting. Join efforts to regenerate this delicate keystone species with the goal of reintroducing 1 billion oysters by 2030.
Developer: Overview Collective

*Available on Oculus TV

Booper, Get Home!

Booper, Get Home! is VR game based on the drawings of the developer's child. It centers around a kid who gets lost and has a grand adventure to find home and family. The game is focused on exploration and problem solving, helping others and making friends.
Developer: Fletcher Studios

The Choice

The Choice is an interactive Virtual Reality documentary experience allowing the viewer to meet and engage in authentic conversations with women who share their personal stories about their choice to have an abortion.
Developer: Tribe of Pan


Discover first-hand what it is like to witness a loved one develop Alzheimer’s Disease. Through the fusion of virtual reality and live, unscripted performance, experience storytelling like never before.
Developer: Tinker Studio

Spelunking the Brain

Be a neurosurgeon in the comfort of your own home. Spelunking the Brain is an augmented reality brain surgery educational tool.
Developer: Trinity College Institute of Neuroscience