July 17th, 2023

2:00 pm

SUMMIT OPENS: Arcade opens for early arrivals

3:00 pm

Opening Remarks

Susanna Pollack

President at Games for Change

3:20 pm

TALK | NYC Mayor's Office Welcome

Commissioner Pat Swinney Kaufman

NYC Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment

3:25 pm


3:30 pm

TALK | Understanding the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

Nanette Braun

Director of Campaigns, Department of Global Communications, United Nations

3:40 pm

TALK | LEVEL UP: How Video Games Connect Communities, Fuel Innovation and Drive Social Change

Stanley Pierre-Louis

President & CEO at Entertainment Software Association

3:45 pm

TALK | Unlocking the Power: The Science behind Why Games are Catalysts for Social Change

Constance Steinkuehler

Professor at University of California, Irvine

3:55 pm


4:05 pm

TALK | UN Development Programme's Mission 1.5: a case study

Cassie Flynn

Global Director of Climate Change, UNDP

Boaz Paldi

Chief Creative Officer, UNDP

4:15 pm

TALK | Games – A Game Changer for Behavior Change

Dr. Anantha Duraiappah


4:25 pm

FIRESIDE CHAT | Changing the Game for Women and Girls

Aldijana Šišić, Ph.D.

Chief, Multi-stakeholder Partnerships and Advisory Services, UN Women

Jessica Murrey

CEO / Co-Founder, Wicked Saints Studios

4:40 pm

TALK | Playing for the Planet: our journey so far

Sam Barratt

Chief, Youth, Education and Advocacy at UN Environment Programme

Leslie Quinton

VP Communications, Ubisoft

5:00 pm


5:20 pm

TALK | Utilizing SDGs to Mobilize Your Community

Jeffrey Burrell

Head of Social Impact at Riot Games

5:30 pm

TALK | My Story: How video games can empower unrepresented communities

Lual Mayen

CEO and Founder Junub Games and Lual Mayen Foundation

5:35 pm

TALK | The Power of Play

Cynthia Williams

President of Hasbro Gaming and Wizards of the Coast

5:45 pm

TALK | VR Games: A New Avenue for Social Good Campaigns

Celine Tricart

Co-founder, Game Director, COVEN

5:50 pm

FIRESIDE CHAT | The Reach and Influence of Streamers

Leo Olebe

Global Head of Gaming at YouTube


Content Creator

6:05 pm


6:10 pm

TALK | Gaming for the Goals: Finding the Right Fit

Jude Ower

CEO at Playmob

Mathias Nørvig


6:25 pm

CLOSING: What's Next?

Susanna Pollack

President at Games for Change

6:30 pm


8:30 pm