Tips to Make Your G4C2024 Submission  Stand Out:

Share Your Innovation:

  • Elevate your proposal beyond a mere presentation. Share your innovative insights, pedagogical wisdom, and experiences in games for change that resonate with educators, students, developers, policy makers, and funders.
  • Showcase how your session empowers a diverse spectrum of stakeholders, including game creators, educators, students, and policy makers, illustrating impactful collaborations, advisory roles, and partnerships that amplify their influence across these diverse communities.

Be Future-Focused:

  • Choose a trending topic  or challenge in the realm of games for change and push the boundaries of current knowledge and practices, ensuring its relevance for educators, students, developers, policy makers, and funders alike.
  • Convey the transformative potential of games and technology as dynamic tools for driving social impact. Spotlight successful partnerships between the gaming industry, NGOs, cause-related organizations, and international governments that collectively leverage these tools and harness collective potential.

Inspire and Empower:

  • We encourage proposals that inspire and empower educators, developers, and creators to explore new strategies and possibilities in the world of social impact gaming.
  • Craft a compelling pathway to contribute to a better world through games and technology. Illustrate how your proposal actively engages in advisory, convening, and partnership roles that foster global collaboration for lasting, positive change.

Engage Actively:

  • Design your session to encourage active participation and serve as a model for best practices. Your session should captivate the audience, leaving them energized and eager to learn more, catering to the diverse needs and interests of educators, students, developers, policymakers, and funders alike.
  • Describe your approach to program design, emphasizing a seamless experience that doesn't overwhelm attendees. Share your vision for creating extended, immersive sessions and innovative formats like workshops and curated networking experiences.

Demonstrate Creativity:

  • Show, don't just tell. Demonstrate creative applications of technology and invite your audience to join in and explore these innovations.
  • Illuminate your submission by showcasing concrete projects that have yielded measurable outcomes and impact metrics. These examples should serve as practical, inspiring models for attendees, highlighting the significance of effectiveness measurement in creating positive change.

Advocate for Equity and Inclusivity:

  • Share the importance of equitable access and application of games to meet the needs of all learners, and emphasize how  games and immersive media can be just, equitable, diverse, and inclusive. 
  • Craft a strategic vision for engaging with diverse global communities while involving international chapters, speakers, or attendees. Demonstrate an unwavering commitment to making the festival a hub of inclusivity and global relevance.

Focus on Ideas and Thought Leadership:

  • We value proposals that champion ideas, not products or brands. Your session should focus on the concepts, approaches, and strategies that drive positive change, respecting the unique perspectives and interests of educators, students, developers, policymakers, and funders.
  • Outline your plan to establish the organization as a trailblazing thought leader in the games for change field. Showcase how the festival serves as a dynamic platform to share groundbreaking insights, pioneering research, and innovative ideas.

Innovate Across Modalities:

  • Be open to innovative approaches and modalities when sharing your instructional ideas. Showcase new ways of thinking and applying technology for social impact, providing an inclusive platform for all stakeholders to engage and learn.
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