The 2021 Games for Change Festival will take place virtually July 12 – 14 and will once again be free for all attendees! Join a global community of developers, educators, students, and researchers to ignite our imaginations about how games and immersive media can help us realize the potential of the years ahead and address our collective challenges: achieving equity and social justice, ensuring a thriving planet, and regaining a sense of security.

Games continue to be a powerful tool to inspire, connect, and change the world, supporting today’s most pressing challenges. The 2020 Games for Change Festival connected almost 7,000 people from across 81 countries, and G4C2021 will aim to connect even more!

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Games for Learning

Games reimagine how we learn, both in and out of the classroom. Reflect on a year challenged by remote education, and discover how game-based learning can bring long-term success. This year’s speakers include:


Kim Chouard, Global Education, Philanthropy, Salesforce
Laylah Bulman, Business Program Manager, Minecraft: Education Edition
Katie Salen, Professor, University of California at Irvine

Civics & Social Issues

We actively strive for equity and inclusion in games. Amplify your voice through sessions that fuel and inform responsible citizenship in an era that desperately needs it. This year’s speakers include:


John Hanke, CEO, Niantic Inc.
Alex McDowell, Creative Director, Experimental Design
Alan Gershenfeld, President & Co-Founder, E-Line Media

XR for Change

Explore how immersive media and emerging technology are driving meaningful change. Join us as we discuss the potential of responsible AI programming, reflect on the power of XR storytelling, and dive into the Metaverse. This year’s speakers include:
Jeremy Bailenson, Thomas More Storke Professor of Communication, Stanford University
Conor Russomanno, Co-founder & CEO, OpenBCI

Health & Wellness

With digital medicine on the horizon, games are reshaping how we provide care and comfort. Embrace how games and XR can help us regain a sense of security in our physical and mental health. This year’s speakers include:

Kelli Dunlap, Director of Mental Health Research and Design, iThrive Games
Erin Hawley, Digital Content Producer, Easterseals / The Geeky Gimp
Sam Glassenberg, Founder and CEO, Level Ex

XR for change

Networking at G4C2021

The G4C Virtual Festival allows participants to connect with fellow attendees through a multitude of networking opportunities. Meet industry experts, executives, funders, and others to support your work and help tackle some of the toughest challenges through video games and immersive media. No one knows everything; together, we know a lot.

Join G4C Workshop Week (July 6-10)

Games for Change is proud to present a week of hands-on workshops and professional opportunities for developers, educators, and intersectional experts interested in impact games. These workshops offer a diverse range of practical learning experiences that explore unique subject matter from impact design methodologies to the power of games in the classroom. Participating attendees will have opportunities to connect and collaborate with their peers while guided by expert facilitators from the Games for Change community.

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