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Winner of the 2021 Tribeca Festival Immersive Creative Nonfiction Award and the Tribeca X Award, CURRENT is a site-specific soundwalk through Lower Manhattan accessed via a mobile app and headphones. CURRENT immerses participants using binaural sound, composition and environmental recordings to draw together a narrative that includes themes of water, time, construction, destruction, synchronicity, and resilience.
To access the walk, download the POINT.A app in the Apple Store or Google Play Store.


CURRENT was created collaboratively by Annie Saunders (concept, direction, devising, narration); Andrew Schneider (concept development, devising, narration, spatialization, on-location recording and sound design); Jackie! Zhou and One Thousand Birds (sound design, engineering and spatialization); OpenEndedGroup (platform technology creation); Octopus Theatricals (creative producing); and commissioned by Arts Brookfield for One Liberty Plaza and One New York Plaza.
Additional narration Kamau Ware, Curtis Zunigha
Project consultation: Curtis Zunigha, Kamau Ware, Jarrod Grim, Lily Stern, Becca Wolff, Sophie Bortolussi, Jessica Williams, Andrew Gustafson, Sarah Nelson Wright, Nate Kensinger, Rafe Knapp, David Abram, Peina Cao, Evan Beamont, Lauren Bille, Timothy ‘Speed’ Levitch, Aaron Oster, Dianne Snake, Danny Lyon, David Rosenberg, Josh Kopecek, Michael Reynolds, George John, Elena Guarinello, Tanner Blackman
This project was created with critical support from Mint House at 70 Pine. Special thanks: Downtown Alliance, Black Gotham Experience, ONX Studio (NEW INC/Onassis Foundation), Lenape Center, National Museum of the American Indian, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, Martha Harlan