Doors We Open (Preview)

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Doors We Open is an interactive film that explores the relationship of an estranged father and daughter struggling to connect over shared trauma.The screen-based experience alternates between live action film and 3D gameplay to observe their dynamic and examine what they each hold beneath the surface.

The live action scenes depict reality, centering around the present relationship between father and daughter and the cultural nuances of conversation, while the virtual sequences explore the subconscious mind and glimpses of the memories of our characters. Together, the dichotomy of mediums become a metaphor for how we present ourselves to family versus how we suppress our internal reflections.


Creators: Kevin Peter He & Jessica Shen | Director: Kevin Peter He | Writer: Jessica Shen | Producers: David Woon, Ricardo Vilar, Anthony Argento, Lu Zhang | Executive Producers: Winslow Porter, Joyce Keokham, Wesley Chan | Additional Writer: Livia Huang | Cinematography: Isabel Padilla | Production Design: Bethany Yeap | Technical Director: Xuelong Mu | Unreal Engine Developer: Jason Xu | Game Designer: Jason Li | Spatial Designer: Nick Gregg | Composer: Cody Dear | Sound Designer: Elias Jarzombek | Sound Supervisor: Jessica Shen | Technical Supervisor: Todd Bryant| Illustrator: Angie Zou | Associate Producers: Kevin Woon, Zeng Yi | Line Producer: Lu Zhang | Assistant Director: Shane Liao | Gaffer: Rodrigo Obregon | 1st AC: Karoline Iversen | Grips: Larry Flores, Rikki Porter | Set Dresser: Jasmine Chang | Hair & Makeup: Emma Ando | Production Assistant: Drew Palmer | Sound Mixer: Dolmar Pedro | Sound Assistant: Samuel Perez