Groove Catcher by Vizmoo

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At Vizmoo, we believe real therapy can be real fun. We've developed Groove Catcher Tx - an innovative Virtual Reality-based adjunctive movement therapy platform for neurodiverse individuals (including those with autism and ADD/ADHD) in special education and clinical settings. Groove Catcher provides engaging movement-based interventions critical to improving success in school and everyday life, including for self-regulation, OT-based motor skills, and supporting mirroring and attunement skills critical for social engagement (US Dept. of Edu-funded). It's based on a fun, engaging rhythm game filled with music and dance, with interventions designed by dance, occupational, and music therapists. Special education teachers, therapists, aides, and paraprofessionals can use Groove Catcher in clinic, during pull-out sessions, in classrooms, and can send it home for successful continuum of care. Individuals need engaging interventions that support greater focus and participation in critical therapeutic activities. When individuals WANT to engage in therapy, they achieve better outcomes.


Design: Michael Stauffer, Karen DeHaven
Development: Michael Stauffer, Jose Contreras, Mariano Merchante