The ORIXA Project

VR Headset, and for the installation we use a projector, CRT television, and iPad for the AR experience.
24 Minutes
SDGs Supported
This experience supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Learn more.

The ORIXA Project is a mixed reality celebration of the narratives of the African Diaspora of the past, present, and future. Inspired by the Orishas & Black womxn, ORIXA incorporates virtual reality, 360 video, augmented reality, and volumetric capture technologies.

Project Components:
asé meus ancestrais, a virtual reality experience that brings the user into the past as they view a capoeira roda (circle) on the shores of Bahia, Brazil.

4 Black People Breathing Peacefully For 5 Minutes is a 360 short VR film exploring a moment of peace and healing between a group of friends within the backdrop of the 2020 Black Lives Matter protests and the Covid-19 pandemic.

Intergalaxys transports users to speculative worlds via a series of augmented reality portraits of three Black womxn of the future.
The Experience is a live performance that incorporates asé meus ancestrais, 4 Black People Breathing Peacefully For Five Minutes, and Intergalaxys with theater, film, virtual reality and digital media.i


The ORIXA Project
MaryAnn Talavera
Reese Antoinette

The ORIXA Project Experience
Yemaya - Kathleen Booker
Oshun - Delta Major
Oya - Nhyira Asante
MJ - Reese Antoinette
Griot - Laila Garroni  
Guide - MaryAnn Talavera

Digital Human/World Design: MaryAnn Talavera
MJ Writer: Josette Roberts  
Griot Writer: Laila Garroni  
Editor: MaryAnn Talavera
Music - Yabás: Laila Rosa, Ive Farias, Luísa Gabriela, Patrícia Ferraz, Valentina Sanfoneira

4 Black People Breathing Peacefully for 5 Minutes 360 Film
Janeene - Sydney Elisabeth
Brian - Jarvis Matthews
Wes - Trent Williams
Latoya - Reese Antoinette
Oshun - Delta Major

Writer: Michael Allen Harris
Director: Lin Que Ayoung
Director of Photography: MaryAnn Talavera
Costume Designer: Qween Jean
First AD: Sam Godfrey
Editor: Josh Kane (Arcanum Post)
Assistant Editor:  MaryAnn Talavera

Black Lives Matter Reflection
Writer/Performer: Jarvis Matthews
Cinematography: MaryAnn Talavera
Editor: MaryAnn Talavera

AR Orisha
Oshun - Delta Major
AR Designer/Developer: MaryAnn Talavera

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